1. I will let the pics speak for themselves, had a GREAT Monday & 72 activity earned in 72 hours is Insane!!!!!

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  3. New week, trying a new approach…#yawn #oneofthosepeoplenow #determined #happymonday

  4. It took walking / running around the house…literally but I did it! I’m at 5 miles past two days. No gym today, years work at my mom’s.

    Eating wise, went over some yesterday and again today, but I’ve been way more active than I have been recently, and it was way less than I have been recently too. I’m happy because I didn’t blow through the weekly 49 during the weekend, and as sad as it is to say, I’m really happy to say I didn’t go over 100 points either day…which is a huge accomplishment from where I’ve been the last two months.

    With the more discipline I’ve been exhibiting, and more active I’ve been I have found more balance these past two days with lifestyle, family, and even work. Been a little irritable and even hangry at times, lol I know I’m dining something right.

    Fighting a headache though, think I’m just tired. Going to try to get to bed early as I start the whole gym before work thing tomorrow morning. 6:00AM’s gonna come awful early….

    God is good though, very blessed to have the opertunity to make changes in my life. I’ve been praying for changes and strength to get back going agsin, lost sight that he’d already given me all the tools, all I needed to do was to dust them off and put them to use ;)

  5. Well, after an almost 8 week hiatus I went to WW. All things considered it could have been way worse.

    The gym this morning was really good too. Got a new work out, circuit training themed. Thought I was going to die lol, it was great. I’m going to try the morning thing this week and then we are going to try and walk to get our kids from my mom’s in the afternoons. We did it last week, it was a nice 3 mile round trip.

    The trip to WW did come with cool news, Fitbit works with the WW ap now!!

    Capped the night off with good choices, instead of chicken fried steak and fixings at my aunts for my wife’s birthday, I brought my own stuff to cook and eat, been a long time since I did that, lol probably says a lot ;)

    There’s the plan, here’s to sticking to it this time ;)

  6. Lots and lots on the mind, heart’s been heavy. Thankful for the thoughts & prayers for our son & family. I can truly say we have felt God’s comfort through this process so far.

    Our son had an accident at school over a weak ago. The first diagnosis was a traumatic hyphema (sever bleeding in the eye). After 5 days of bed rest, the bleeding stopped and danger of loosing the eye was over. His vision was still severely impaired; a black fit and discolored blurriness was all he could see out of the injured eye. Once dilated, they discovered a chordal rupture which meant permanent damage from what they explained. We don’t know the extent of the damage yet, there was still a tiny amount of blood left and a lot of swelling. Time, hope, faith, and prayer….we’re praying and asking for others to do the same.

    It’s a test if faith, God doesn’t put anything on you that you can’t handle or that he won’t see you through and that is exactly how we explained it to our son. We are learning a lot about faith, and walking with it, not just speaking about it.

    The love & support has been humbling, I hope we are able to give the same to others.

    Our next appointment is this Friday, hoping and praying for good news ;/

    At the end of the day, God is good,God is great, and through him all is possible. No matter what the final outcome is, we pray for his will to be done and understanding. No matter what, it could be incredibly worse and we still, even today, right now, have so much to be thankful for and more blessings than we could ever deserve. We are trying to be string and brave for our son so he can be. He’s handling it great, extremely frustrated though and want’s the dot to go away. He’s ok with glades, but is holding on to hope he’ll have something better than what he has now. We are so proud if him and how he’s already adjusting. Kids are amazing. I hate he’s going through this though.

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  8. Despite my renewed resolve, I was having a very frustrating day, very Eyore-esk if you will. Then, as though he knew, our chaplain at work came by and asked if he could come in and talk.
    The conversation was great, listening to him, him listening to me. Through his message, and eventually my own that I came to during; I was reminded how important trust in faith and belief. Also that you have to be open to, actively seeking the good in your life. Often times, it’s not that good doesn’t happen, it’s maybe that we didn’t recognize the good, or the path to the good if that makes sense.

    I’m trying to embrace yesterday’s aha moment and keep my head on the swivel for good ;)

  9. Today is a new day, my goals are as follows: stay out of my head(I overthink / analyze way too much), get to the gym, eat sensibly.

    I’ve slowed down on my journey so much that I grew to a standstill, and then slowly started moving backwards. Today I start moving forward again.

    Worked too damn hard to give this much if it back. It’s been a year now since I quit smoking and that’s been a tired excuse for too long anyway. Stress is apparently an unavoidable aspect of my life and does not look to be changing anytime soon. I’m not going to go back to smoking, and I can’t keep eating; so I’ve got to pull up my big boy britches and deal ;)

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