1. First official full day of the work trip, very happy with the activity I got today & some of the food choices I made too. I actually made choices instead of just going along with whatever. Then followed up with a few poor ones :/

    But hey, earning <15 activity points out of town?!?!?!?! I’ll take it ;) The key tomorrow will be not to eat such a big breakfast and hopefully a better lunch venue will help me out too.

    The day itself was great! Learned a lot, made great contacts, got to build / strengthen relationships with my promotion, AND got to cap it all off with a cold beverage and a jacuzzi ;)

  2. That’ll work for a Monday, out of town, and at a hotel, all before 7:00AM ;)

  3. My new gym for the week #goodmorning #happymonday (at Austin, Texas)

  4. Finished only 1 point over my daily, which has been unheard of in a while ;)

    CAN’T SLEEP! ! ! ! ! !

    Another Fitbit challenge this week, a daily one instead of a week at a time. I ought to get a good start and much as I keep getting up. I want to get up 4:55 to go workout…which is less than 4 hours away…. Can’t fall asleep during my meetings, so I really need to fall asleep!

  5. Beautiful weather on the way down to Austin for the week. Hoping to have a productive work week AND week on the weight loss front. Eating out will be challenging but hoping the workout room at the gown is nice enough i can make use of some of my idle time.

    The weekend was a very nice and relaxing one. I ate better, lol I apply have some of my weekly left so that’s a step up from last week ;)

    Hope everyone else has a great end of their weekend and a productive week too!

  6. Well, finished the week not exactly on point eating wise but what a week of activity!

    Gonna try it again this week, ought to be interesting given I’ll be out of town on business for the majority of the week.

  7. It’s BACK!!!!

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  9. Since February this year ;)

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